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Indra Nooyi

“You can be very, very competent…but if you’re not willing to speak out…have the confidence based on your knowledge…what’s the point?”

Indra Nooyi grew up knowing that she could be anything she wanted. From an international figurehead in corporate business to being the president and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra’s dreams of success navigated her drive, tenaciousness and grit to achieve greatness. To become one of the top CEOs in the world and the first immigrant and woman of colour to head a Fortune 50 company, Nooyi took every opportunity she was granted as a critical means of enhancing her life. From graduating a high achiever and being offered a place to attend the Madras Christian College, she understood that her life was capable of achieving beyond the limitations of a middle class lifestyle.
For her Masters degree, Indra went on to study at the Yale School of Management, and within the next decade she rose to the ranks working for prestigious corporations such as Boston Consulting Group, an executive role at Motorola Industries and eventually becoming the CEO of PepsiCo. If it was not for Idra’s supportive family that saw education as a fundamental factor of her future, Idra would not have been gifted with a good quality education that, coupled with her drive for bigger and better, made her corporate success possible. 

Idra Nooyi is a domineering woman who helped to pinpoint a new generation of businesswomen in the world. Hers is a story of relentless determination, hard work and community that supported her every choice to enhance her knowledge. From humble beginning to an inspiration for the generations of businesswomen to come, her educational strife promised her a successful career. Undeniably, education is the fundamental backbone of success. To be successful you have to be educated and to be educated is to set oneself up for success. Each of us deserve the opportunities that come with a good quality education that we aim to guarantee to all platform users.
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