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Lewis Howes

“Your job is to create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. If it doesn’t, go back to bed until you have a bigger dream.” - Lewis Howes 

From a penniless cycle spent living on his sister's coach, to becoming the master of online webinars and a world-renown New York's Times Best-selling author, Lewis Howes is proof of a successful future irrespective of a difficult past in the face of endless opportunities. Through active mentors guiding his webinar career, rehabilitation directing his self-navigation and the ultimate goal of saving others from their unhappy lives, the chance to attend Christian Summer Camp as a teenager re-shaped Lewis’ mindset to achieving limitless greatness. Not only did Camp redirect his education to a boarding school in St Louis allowing him to escape the difficulties of a dysfunctional family, but Camp highlighted the battle for adversity regardless of his circumstances that led to Lewis’ success.
From a childhood of hardship to a net worth of $10 million and owning a hugely successful educational company, the once leading under 30 self-made entrepreneur utilised childhood trauma as a form of motivation for the future. Through failure and redirection, helplessness to self-determination, and shortages of opportunities to a plethora of experiences, we can learn that a life is not an incident of its upbringing and misfortune, but rather a seizing of possibilities. Lewis Howes would not have achieved success if it wasn't for his resilience to hardships of life. 

He chose to resist a life that was susceptible to crime and drug abuse as he navigated a method to seize a window of opportunity, that in his case came in the form of mentors. Summer Camp is only an example of a single opportunity that changes the direction of a life. Another is the method at which one seizes direction. At Quantumbridge, opportunities are limitless and a circumstance is only a motivator for greatness. We know that you are meant for greatness, that you are full of potential irrespective of your current story. Quantumbridge believes that you can be the Lewis of your story using our platform.
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