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IkamvaYouth - Diepsloot Learning Branch

In celebration of Mandela Day on the 18th of July, we felt it was important to ensure our responsibility in creating an equitable and just society through a single act of community outreach. From the 17th of July to the 21st of July (2023), Quantumbridge partnered with IkamvaYouth to renovate their Diepsloot Learning Branch.

IkamvaYouth is an educational support program that aims to mitigate the problems of education in an under-resourced and poorly managed Diepsloot township. It was our joint aim to create an inspirational and warm learning environment. The classroom underwent a refreshing paint job, received new furniture and accessories, and was filled with close to 200 new books, fostering a culture of reading for all students.
Location & Centre 
The Diepsloot township faces severe crime, poverty and unemployment making it evidence of this country’s biggest hardships. Because of Diepsloot’s hardships, the learning branch relies solely on external assistance to support and provide for its learners. The lack of consistent accessibility to funding, learning resources and other means of aid has resulted in an under-resourced Learning Centre that lacks essential classroom infrastructure and has a limited selection of books.

Work Done
The renovations aimed to foster an inspirational learning environment for all the students. The internal refurbishments did this by improving the aesthetics and infrastructure of the classroom. 

This was done in the following ways:
Paint Job → The original paint coating of the Community Centre walls was chipped, cracked, and faced visible discolouration. The colour of a classroom environment is known to affect visual processing, stress levels, behaviour, mood and morale of both teachers and students. This made it necessary for us to improve the walls with a new white coating.

Shelving & Furniture → The existing shelving and furniture appeared worn and outdated showing signs of instability and weakness. We decided to install a large library shelf for books, a large cupboard to store files and supplies, and a new desk for staff to work comfortably.

Accessories → To complement the new furniture and paint job, we also added a new whiteboard and a selection of posters to the classroom section of the centre.

Books → The centre aimed to foster a greater culture of reading, but limited access to reading material hindered this goal. Through our drive, we were able to collect close to 200 new books for the students to access.

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